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Raw Dark Fantasy Text Escort
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United States

Hello... I am Aughra.

And believe it or not, I am at your service.

I am female, over 21 years of age, and live on a fixed income, and work as a High-End  Text Escort to support myself in the real world.

I intimately interact with others in dark sexual fantasy, giving others the chance to explore, and to express themselves inside the theater of the mind,  things of a nature that may be a no no for others in our outer real world.

I am here to support the different personal aspects of yourself, that may not have found a personal creativity outlet.

Please come chat with me, and you can talk with me about what might be uncomfortable or unacceptable to others, as I am fully open and accepting. Keep in mind, we are adults, and in the theater of mind, there is nothing illegal which you and I can't explore together no matter how dark or eccentric.

I am a professional... and  my clients pay me for the intimate emotional and creative support I offer, and likewise for the paramount importance of safety, protection and anonymity of their professional and personal lives. Rule of thumb for the latter is, you pay for what you get.

If you message me...relax and chat with me...lets see if we have the smallest of chemistry to make this mind bendingly fun. There are other women with different personalities, and their personal chemistry will be differnet with you, and I realize that you and I might not be the best match for what you are looking for. But be brave enough to  begin to stretch, and I will be here to support you.

Thank you so much in taking the time to read my profile.

You can email me at  )> aughra.resident@yahoo.com <(

Or reach me through )> https://about.me/aughra.resident <(



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